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Classic French - Modern

What could be better than being inspired by and working with the most beautiful and best seasonal products? At De Luytervelde, the brigade does it daily!
You can choose to dine with us 'a la carte' or choose from one of our menus. If it is within our capabilities, we even serve dishes that you will not find on our menu.

Are you on a special diet or do you have certain allergies? Let us know and our kitchen brigade will take your wishes into account.

All our menus can be served both vegetarian and vegan.

Coravin arrangement

Voor de ultieme wijn-spijs beleving kunt u bij De Luytervelde kiezen voor ons Coravin Wijnarrangement. In dit arrangement serveren we de mooiste wijnen, van de beste druiven en huizen uit de mooiste jaargangen. 

De prijs varieert tussen de 28 euro en de 55 euro per glas. 

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